We are always interested in hearing from motivated, creative thinkers with a passion for the biopharma and healthcare industries who want to join our team at Pharmagellan. We are currently hiring for the following position:

ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT (hourly / part-time / remote)

Our associate consultants conduct secondary research and analysis to support client engagements, blog posts, publications, and “special projects”. They work remotely for 5-40 hours per week, with check-ins a few times per week by email, phone, and/or video. Depending on their availability and the fit between their skills and our needs and those of our clients, they work either episodically (e.g., a few weeks at a stretch) or on an ongoing basis.

We look for three main capabilities in prospective team members:

EXPERTISE. We are partial to individuals with content knowledge or hands-on experience that's relevant to our consulting and analytical work in the biopharma industry – but this expertise may take many forms. We welcome applicants with technical backgrounds (e.g., Ph.D. / M.D.), including current graduate trainees and postdocs, who also have demonstrated their interest in how science and medicine relate to business, strategy, and policy in healthcare and drug development. We are also interested in hearing from applicants with prior relevant work experience in fields like consulting, biopharma, finance / economics, statistics, epidemiology, data science, or journalism. Please note, however, that no single one of these attributes is strictly required – and none can substitute for curiosity, drive, lucid thinking, clear communication, and intellect.

ANALYTICAL HORSEPOWER. In our client work and public writing, we strive to bring data and analysis to complex, important questions in biopharma and healthcare. (If the answer were obvious, trivial, or easy to obtain, why would anyone hire us or read what we write?) We often take a “consulting approach” to answering these questions: we come up with several (independent) possible solutions, test them, and (ideally) triangulate the results to get to a reasonable answer. To do this, we creatively and independently leverage a variety of sources – large structured data sets (PubMed, clinicaltrials.gov, SEC data, etc.), Google, Twitter, academic and industry experts, our own professional networks, etc. – to find different ways to gather, analyze, interpret, and present data. Although not all the data we collect and analyze are quantitative, a comfort with numbers and math is essential. We are particularly interested in applicants with experience analyzing large structured data sets in any domain - including hobbyists, students, and professionals - who want to apply their skills and knowledge to questions in the biopharma industry.

WRITING ABILITY. Because we value the ability to identify, frame, solve, and articulate interesting and important questions in the biopharma industry, we look for applicants with a body of written work that demonstrates their thinking and writing skills. We strongly encourage folks who lack relevant writing samples to share their ideas on Medium or another platform before applying to work with us. (Check here for some pro tips on blogging about academic research.) 

We appreciate applicants who have spent some time considering how their skills and interests fit with ours at Pharmagellan – and with that in mind, we’d like to suggest some thoughts and materials to consider:

To apply, please email info@pharmagellan.com with three things:

  • Your CV;
  • A cover letter explaining why you're interested in joining us; and,
  • A analytical blog-style writing sample (500-800 words) on any topic you find interesting related to the healthcare industry, similar in style to what we've published previously.

We look forward to hearing from you.